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Vision Boards

Do you have a vision board?

I asked the same question over at my Budget Smart Girl site.

I put one together many years ago. Just a piece of cardboard that I stuck quotes on and also images. Two years ago, I bought a fancy board and it hangs on my office wall.

Some people use them as part of their law of attraction practice too.

Sound like something you’d like to try in 2021?

Here’s what I did to get started-

I wrote down a list of goals I wanted to achieve.

When I put together my first board some of ideas included-

write every day

submit one pitch per day

get an article published in a large circulation publication paying at least $1 a word

Get my romance novel accepted

Next you need to go searching for images or quotes that represent each of these ‘visions’

For the above I found-

photo of someone writing at a desk

a sample pitch letter

front cover of a magazine that fit the criteria

copy of the front cover of an author I admired

You can pin or glue them to the board. I find pinning them is better because once you achieve one of your visions you can take it down and so on. It’s also easier to reuse it later.

I make mine for the whole year but I know some people change them on a month to month basis.

I know they’re called vision boards but I also like to think of them as dream boards. Make sure you put it some place where you can sit and look at the images and/or quotes on a daily basis. It keeps you on track and helps you with the ‘why’ of setting a goal.

Don’t be afraid to dream big. I know one person who pinned an image of the house they dreamed of owning and guess what, they now live in an almost identical house to the image they selected.

Have I convinced you to put one together…I hope so!

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