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Wednesday Guest Author-Gayle M. Irwin

It’s Wednesday which means time for another guest author and today it’s Gayle M. Irwin…

Today is a special day. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day, but for my husband and I, Valentine’s Day 2024 is extra special – we celebrate 25 years of knowing one another. He and I met on a blind date on Valentine’s Day 1999. We both served as journalists at the time; I worked for a local newspaper as a reporter, and he served as a news photographer for a local television station.

As we shared lunch that afternoon, we learned of additional commonalities, such as a respect for and enjoyment of America’s national parks and great outdoors, an admiration for pet rescue and adoption organizations, the enjoyment of sharing a home with animals, and an esteem for and enjoyment of Celtic culture (we’re both part Irish). We decided to meet up again later in the evening and go dancing. (I found out later that he really didn’t like dancing but he joined me anyway, to talk and to dance). Eighteen months later, we married.

I’ve been looking forward to this Valentine’s Day for the past several months. Greg and I plan to go out to lunch, just as we did on that day 25 years ago. The restaurant at which we met is no longer in business, but we will go to an establishment in town we both enjoy. We’ll take our adopted Shih Tzu for a walk along the river that flows through town, and we’ll eat a special meal at home Valentine’s Day night and watch a movie in the comfort of our home. Maybe not the biggest splurge for 25 Valentine’s Days shared (saving that for the 25th wedding anniversary in 2025), but still a delightful time with my Valentine.

This month also marks an anniversary for one of my sweet, contemporary romance books. My Montana Love published three years ago and is one of the stories about my two primary characters, Rhiann and Levi, who met in my first novel. My Montana Love also encapsulates an anniversary for Rhiann and Levi as well as a Valentine’s Day dinner.

In the excerpt below, Levi is recovering from a mild stroke, yet he doesn’t let that health scare detract from the Valentine’s Day evening planned with Rhiann:

Late that afternoon, Rhiann returned from the barn, Jax and Diamond running in front of her. As she shed her winter gear, she noticed the lights dimmed in the kitchen, and as she walked farther into the house, she noted numerous candles in the living room, their shimmering flickers dancing with shadows in the room. A fire blazed in the hearth. She smiled as her eyes locked with Levi’s.

He stood near the hearth, leaning against the stonework, his good leg balancing his body. A glass of wine in his hand and a tuxedo adorning his body, the debonaire look he cast took her breath away.

“Well, good evening, Mr. Bond. How wonderful of you to drop in!” Rhiann said in a teasing voice.

The dimples she so cherished appeared on his face as he smiled. Levi then twirled his hand and bowed at the waist.

“My lady!” he responded, his voice also teasing.

“I didn’t realize we were attending a formal ball,” Rhiann said, stepping further into the room.

“Well, sadly, there won’t be any dancing this evening, but word has it a special meal is on the way. So, I’d suggest my fair one dash upstairs and prepare for the festivities.”

Rhiann chuckled. She kissed Levi’s cheek and responded, “I entrust you to be in charge of the music.”

He returned her kiss. “Already on the player.”

She took two steps away and then turned toward him again. “By the way, Phoenix wants you to stop in and see him tomorrow. I told him you would.” Levi’s face fell. Rhiann wagged her forefinger at him. “Now, none of that. Gary will be here and together, we’ll get you out there. That horse misses you, and I know you miss him.”

She grinned and continued, “Now, Mr. Bond, I’ll take a glass of wine in about fifteen minutes if you’d kindly have it ready for me.”

Levi bowed again. “Your wish is my command.”

Rhiann laughed and rushed upstairs.

Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, I hope you enjoy this day of love!

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Bio – Gayle Mansfield Irwin

Gayle M. Irwin is an award-winning Wyoming author and freelance writer who has been recognized by Wyoming Writers, Inc. and the Wyoming Press Association She is a contributing writer to eight Chicken Soup for the Soul books and freelances articles to regional magazines and newspapers, including WREN (Wyoming Rural Electric News), the Casper Star Tribune, and the Douglas Budget. Gayle authors the Pet Rescue Romance – Yellowstone Country series, a collection of sweet, contemporary romance books set near Yellowstone National Park, plus stand-alone stories in the same genre. All weave pet rescue and adoption into the love story. An avid supporter of pet rescue and adoption, Gayle volunteers for various regional organizations and donates a portion of her sales to such groups.

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Another book in Gayle’s Pet Rescue Romance – Yellowstone Country series is set for release later this month. Be on the lookout for Paws-itively Love coming soon!

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