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Wednesday Guest Author-Joan Ramirez

It’s time for another guest author spot and for this Wednesday it’s Joan Ramirez.

I decided to become an author at the age of 9. My first article appeared in a local newspaper and the writing bug bit me but it would be many decades before I published my first short story, Howie the Frog Finds a Home. Now, after five published works, I’m delving into historical suspense.

For me a writing session involves no outside noise or distractions so I sequester myself in my den, surround myself with my Thesaurus and other writing tools, and create–usually for  5 to 6 hours at a time (depending on my schedule).

The most important thing for me as a writer is to fact check since my new books are historicals and to open with a hook that grabs the reader.

The biggest struggle was carving out writing time while managing a day job. Now that I’m pt it’s easier but I still have to be disciplined.  Distractions can be deadly for a writer under deadline.

 I’m proud to say that my writing handbook, The Write Rules, for my training company is now in the London Consortium of Libraries.

 For a new author, I’d say to make sure you know what your character will do in all types of situations and make her well-rounded re lifestyle.

Today, I’d like to promote my contribution to a military writers’ anthology, which will be published in the Fall. It is a story about Fanny Cooper, the matriarch of my mother’s family, who gave birth to and nurtured the man who will be the protagonist in my historical family saga. A WWII medal winning medic, he served his country.

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