Why I Write Romance

Let’s say hello to today’s guest blogger, Dora Bramden who tells us why she’s a romance writer…

As a child I loved reading fairy stories and magical worlds like the Narnia books. Kings and queens and ordinary girls becoming princesses spirited me away from a sometimes difficult life of illness. Escaping into a book was absolutely heaven. As an adult, romance for me was a kind of fairy story which provided that escape.

Mills and Boon ‘Presents’ style books were and are a particular favorite. Although they aren’t set in a magical land, it’s a fantasy world for me. Palace settings transport me away. Stores of rich men who perceive the true value of a poor girl and lift her to a life of happiness and ease is so satisfying . If that’s not fantasy I don’t know what is. Of course I also like heroines who are self made women and are highly successful. Cause you know we women are so fabulous. But romance for me is men and women loving and valuing each other and wanting to be together because of that.

I had a manuscript in the bottom draw that I’d been tinkering with for about fifteen years (I kid you not) and thought how great would it be to finish that. But writing wasn’t a strong point for me at school in terms of technicalities like spelling and grammar but story was my jam. I loved stories and there were lots in my head. When the teacher would say write something about a topic put up on the board I could have hi fived her. It was to me an easy class that would be fun. While my classmates were groaning about what they’d write I was rushing to get my ideas written down.

There were also other reasons I didn’t finish that book I’d been writing, on and off for years. I wanted to solve them. So I enrolled in a creative writing certificate course. I needed to develop skills in grammar and spelling, and novel writing techniques. I learned a great deal more about structuring a novel and character development. During that course Anne Gracie, a highly successful historical romance novelist and teacher came to speak to us. She lit a fire under me with her enthusiasm for the craft and her love of writing romance. Out of all the industry professionals who came to give us lectures she was the one I connected with.

As I learned I started reading books with a different perspective. I noticed how the characters were growing and becoming the best versions of themselves through their relationship. This is what was really keeping me coming back to read romance and it fuelled my desire to write them. To have characters that modeled a good relationship. One that has problems but also shows the road to resolving them. At the end of writing a romance novel there’s a feeling of accomplishment for me. I’ve created characters that are, to me, real people that I can see in my mind’s eye and even talk to. I fall in love with them.

Creating characters and stories that we leave in a happy and hopeful place is the ultimate act of creativity for me. While I’m not a fast writer, more of a tortoise that a hair, I can’t imagine I’ll ever stop thinking about characters and stories and feeling that urge to write it down to be shared. Over the years I’ve been blessed to read lovely romance stories and to create my own. I hope that my stories provide someone with a short break from reality that lifts their spirits as they enter a world where deserving people get their hearts desire.

If you’d like to find out more about my contemporary romance novels you can visit my Amazon author page or visit my website. I also have a weekly blog on my site if you’d like to read more. For today’s readers, I have a short story ‘Brave In Love’ as a gift to you. If you’d like a copy, email me at dora@dorabramden.com and request the file format you’d like.

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About Dora

Dora Bramden believes in the power of love to heal our lives and that we learn and grow through our relationships. That’s why romance fiction is her favorite. Inspired by the books she loves reading, Dora began writing her own stories. She completed a professional writing course and joined the Romance Writers of Australia.  

In 2013 Dora won best unpublished manuscript in the category section of the Romance Writers’ of Australia’s Emerald Competition.
Dora is now published on Amazon and spends her time writing the stories she loves.

Because Dora has overcome major life challenges including serious illness and her marriage of 25 years ending she understands the challenges of starting again. She succeeded with a positive outlook, and rebuilt her life. She’s since found love with her very own Italian hero (Sam) and lives happily with him in the home they bought together and renovated.

Besides writing romance, Dora enjoys blogging  about her romantic lifestyle that includes gardening, crafting, being a tourist, and decorating her home in Melbourne, Australia.





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