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Writing a Book-It’s About Mindset

Anyone can write a book. It’s all about mindset.

What separates the writer who actually finishes writing a book to the person who just dreams about it?

It’s mindset…

A few months ago, I decided to start a new exercise routine. I’ve tried to do that many times before and for one reason or another, I’ve given up after a week or two.

Good news is this time around I’ve stuck with it.

What’s different this time?

It’s mindset…

Yes, some days, I’ve thought, maybe I’ll skip it today and start back again tomorrow but I’ve fought it.

I know from experience (yes, from my writing), if you tell yourself that too many times (even once), it becomes a habit and that results in giving up.

Yes, some days, I’ve been in the middle of the routine and thought, wow, this hurts or I’d rather be doing anything but this but I’ve pressed on.

I’m seeing results and because of my mindset.

So what does this have to do with writing?

It’s the same principle that you can apply to writing a book. Some days you don’t feel like working on your story and you think, not today but tomorrow and tomorrow never happens or the next day. Dreams and plans fall by the wayside.

Some days you’re writing and you’re struggling with the plot or you realize this harder than you thought and you give up.

Writing isn’t easy, staying the course isn’t easy for anyone but think about how good you’re going to feel when you write that last word. Don’t think about today’s struggles with your story but fast forward to the day you announce to the world, I’ve written a book.

Think about what success feels like.

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