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Writing Challenge-Day 7-Another Writing Space

Yesterday you choose a space to write and today is the second part of the exercise.

Today, try another spot for writing.

Yesterday, it might have been your living room so today try the bedroom or kitchen. If it’s warm enough, head outside.

Record how long you wrote and how many words your produced.

Make a note of any distractions.

With this assignment now over, it’s time to compare the two spaces.

Where were you most productive?

Where did you find the least distractions?

Did the distractions, if any, have any impact on your wordcount?

Was there one spot where you felt you could move into writing mode more easily?

We each have our own favorite spots for writing and one key to writing every day and being consistent is finding that spot.

Hopefully, this weekend’s assignment has helped but if you’re still not as productive as you like, keep on working on this.

What I like most about keeping a consistent space for writing is, that each time I use it I know it’s writing time and that a story needs to be written.

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