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Writing Makes a Great Side Gig

Are you thinking about starting a side gig or do you already have one? Are you using your skill as a writer for your side hustle?

I can’t think of a better way to make some extra cash each week than putting your talent for writing to good use.

These can be short pieces for publications, writing blog posts for people who hate to write, writing copy for businesses…

The list goes on. It could be $20 here, $100 there and you’d be surprised how quickly it adds up. I’ve done it many times when I was waiting for a client to pay an invoice and my bank account needed a boost.

One of the students I privately coach wrote her first book on the topic of side gigs. Her name is Erin Mahoney and she’s kindly agreed to be interviewed for Budget Smart Girl site so I asked her if she’d mind doing the same for this site too and she’s excited to share her expertise with you, her fellow writers.

Do you have any questions for Erin about side gigs? I’ll be talking to her in a few weeks so be sure to send your questions to me at

Do you have a question you’d like to ask Erin about writing as a side gig or side gigs in general?

In the meantime, start thinking about how you can put your writing skills to maximum use and what sort of writing side line you’d like to check out.

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