Monday Motivation-Be Inspired

  If you’re struggling to write then it could be lack of inspiration. Think about why you started writing in the first place. What is it about the written word that inspires you? This week, look around the see all the things that inspire you. Even people who inspire and motivate you to live your dreams.

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Journaling with Daryl Devore

Welcome back Daryl who’s today’s guest blogger and here to tell us all about keeping a journal… A journal. A notebook. Legal pad. Composition book. All of these are blank pages waiting for a writer to fill them with amazing prose or just random chaotic thoughts. They are also one of the tricks of a…

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Five Writing Markets

One of the biggest challenges a beginning writer faces is finding markets to send their work. I thought I’d list five here. Three I’ve written for, one is a tip writing market, while the other is for more experienced writers. So here we go and good luck if you do decide to submit work to any or…

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