Wednesday Writing Prompts-Fired

For this week’s prompt someone gets fired from their job. Is it your lead character who gets fired or does the firing? Why are they getting fired? Are they happy or sad because they love the job? If it’s your lead character who fires another character, have they done this before? Are they nervous or is…

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What Stops Us From Writing?

  If you remember my post about not being able to write after my father died, you’ll know that I struggled to get back to writing for almost a decade. The road back wasn’t easy. I did it in baby steps but when I was writing every day again, boy did it feel good. There…

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Summer Writing ‘Retreat’

  After sitting outside reading for most of Sunday afternoon, I came up with an idea for summer. Many people have an idea for a story, lots of people say they’re going to write a book, and yes, even published writers like myself, have unfinished manuscripts sitting on their computer(or gathering dust on a shelf).…

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