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Spring didn’t seem to last long because today is 20 degrees cooler than it was on Monday(and yes, I did get outside and write that day!). Wednesday is supposed to be close to 80 which means more outside writing.

Thank you to this week’s guest bloggers and everyone who contacted me about what you’d like to see on the site. Lots of you said you like the idea of having a post about potential writing markets so I’m working on that. Some of you are also trying freelance writing and need some tips. I think you’ll be happy with some of the features I have planned.

This Writer’s Life is just 29 followers away from hitting 500…can we get there by the end of the month? I can’t believe how this community has grown. I started this site as sort of a diary to keep track of my own writing life but I’m so happy it’s grown to a one that’s helping other people write and live their dream of being an author. My goal is to get us to a community of at least a 1,000 by the end of the year so spread the word and let’s do this.

I uploaded two new classes to Skillshare this week and here they are with the links if you’re interested-

Freelance Writing Blueprint-Writing the Perfect Pitch

Novel Writing Blueprint-Dialogue

I worked every day on one of my non-fiction projects and decided instead of working on both, focusing on one will get the job done faster.

Fictionwise, I’m ashamed to say has been ignored this week…yes, the TV pilot still needs finishing. Next week I’ll focus on that and my two back titles that also need my attention.

Have a fun week and happy writing to all.

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