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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Are You Writing A Book?


key-3087900_640I always say there’s a silver lining in everything that happens. Right now it seems tough for the world to find it but one thing I know is lots of people have turned to writing. Lots of people have told me they’re finally writing their book, many have contacted me for tips or to ask about my coaching and mentoring service. Others have told me that it’s soothing and helpful just to write a few lines each day about things they’re feeling, especially those who are staying at home.

Books are being written, prose is flowing and maybe some bestsellers are in the making…these are the silver linings.

Hopefully you’re all well and you too, are writing. I have to admit apart from writing posts, I’ve been too busy for any of my own writing this week. The self publishing class began…I think we’re going to see more self publishers too! I also worked on a couple of classes I hope to get recorded very soon. I’ve been busy with my private students too.

I’ve promised myself a break this weekend, probably cleaning up some fall leaves out of flowerbeds and then some artwork.

Thank you to Herbert for being this week’s guest blogger and to all of you who decided to follow TWL. We’re making our way to 1,000.

Have a good week, stay safe, but at the same time, do something fun.

Happy writing to all and live your dream.

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