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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Autumn Has Arrived

An earlier than usual rambling this week and two reasons for it.

First reason, I wanted to pass along this link to a free writing prompt e-book at Amazon. I know from experience sometimes they’re free one hour and not the next, so here it is

Second reason, an idea for another story in my Kalispell Shifter’s series popped into my head and has a Christmas theme so I want to spend the rest of the day and most of the weekend trying to get at least the first draft written. Hopefully, I can get it to my publisher and on the schedule for a holiday release.

It’s actually a great day for writing. Yesterday was hot and humid but today it feels like autumn has arrived. I hope it’s not a sign that this winter will be a repeat of last year but I have a feeling it is. The squirrels in the backyard are frantically gathering food, my fur baby has an extra thick coat of fur, and the Farmer’s Almanac predicted another bad winter for the area where I live. All three things happened last year so I suppose it’s polar vortex time again.

I got the release date for my next book, Falling For an Alpha and it’s September 17th. The new workshop I’m teaching kicked off and Monday. We’re having trouble filling the promotion one that starts this coming Monday, it’s offered by the Colorado Romance Writers and is a short two week class. If anyone’s interested or can spread the word, that would be appreciated because if we don’t get a few more participants it has to be cancelled which I hate doing and disappointing those who have signed up.

Have a fun weekend and happy writing.

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