Friday Ramblings From An Author-First Ramblings of 2018



I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things after the holiday break. I’ve not been as productive as I’d hoped but it’s an okay start to the new year.

One thing I did manage to get done was the revamp of my Web site. My intent was to get a professional to overhaul it as anything technical isn’t my thing. However, something told me I could do it myself if I found an easy to use platform so I did just that and went with the site builder over at GoDaddy. After a few chats with customer service…see I told you techy stuff isn’t my strength, I finally have a new site keyed not so much toward me and my books but my coaching and mentoring service. It also links to this site so all the posts are there too. I will be updating This Writer’s Life too but for now check out the overhaul at It’s still some work in progress but what I like is it will be easy to upkeep the site myself. The great thing is I can now focus on more writing posts on this site because I don’t have to divide my time between the two. Hopefully, some weeks I might post stuff every day!

My first workshop of the year kicks off on January 15th. It’s actually a boot camp all about writing a synopsis. So if you or anyone you know is struggling to write one, here’s the link to sign up…you need to scroll down the page and I believe it’s the last class listed under January.

I’m currently revamping a couple of books I get rights back to and have finished the first draft of my two new non-fiction books.

I think this weekend I’ll try and catch up on some reading….yeah, I say that all the time. What’s on your must read list for 2018?

Have a great week and happy writing to all.

Monday Motivation begins next week and Writing Prompts will move to Wednesday.



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