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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Hot and Humid

It’s been a hot and humid week and a good time to be indoors working. Although I have to admit I did miss taking my laptop outside and writing.

The PR workshop I’m teaching is half way done. August is free of workshops and I’m planning on taking a staycation during the last two weeks of the month. I won’t stop working on fiction but I’ve made a pact with myself to only check e-mail once a day.

Getting Lucky was released yesterday. I didn’t have the cover to share with you last time I wrote a Friday Rambling so here it is.  And once again thanks to everyone is Canada for making it high in the Amazon ranking there.


This week I got contract offer from Evernight for another Romance On The Go book. Yes, another sexy cowboy story…this one is also an attorney.

Next release will be in August and the fifth story in the Perfect Pairing series. I’m putting together ideas for the sixth installment and it will have a holiday theme to it, and poor Sadie will find herself in somewhat of a dilemma this time around.

I’ve had a ton of stories floating around in my head this week and I’ve found myself frantically making notes so I remember everything. Now I have to figure out which idea to develop first.

Have a good weekend and happy writing.

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