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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Organizing and Planning



The ground is now covered in snow and the backyard was visited by six deer looking for food. You could say it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

This is the time of year I start to think about the new one and my projects. I’ve been sorting through old files and found one too many unfinished stories or classes I was working on. They’ve been noted and on my to do list.

How about you, do you often stumble upon a story you started and never finished? I challenge you to drag it out, get writing, and even submit it.

I uploaded another class to Skillshare, the final one in the Freelance Writing Blueprint series, this one is all about setting up shop, networking and running your freelance business. Here’s the link if you want to check it out-

Next week I’ll be uploading the last of the fiction classes to their site. I’m still thinking about what classes I’ll publish on their platform next year. Any ideas would be welcome.

One thing I would like to do next year…and this is been on my mind for a long time and it’s not writing related. I’ve always wanted to start an animal charity. Something I can continue to do when retirement comes calling. I know it takes lots of work and commitment but next year I plan to take the first steps. I have thought about featuring an animal who’s looking for a home on the site in hopes that I can find them their forever family.  Dogs and cats make the ideal writing partners. They’re great to inspire you to write and even better at consoling you when you get one of those dreaded rejection letters. I thought I’d kick things off by picking a shelter at random and just including a link. This one is for the Silicon Valley Humane Society, pets adopted through them until the end of the year are just $20

And finally, a thank you to this week’s guest bloggers Kathy and Daryl.

Have a fun week and happy writing to all.


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