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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Other Creative Pursuits-Artey Crafety


Sometimes you have to take a break from writing. Sometimes I cook, other times, I garden or go for a hike. When I’m away from my writing, I long for something equally creative so a few years ago I got the idea to make upcycled jewelry. Not sure where the name came from but I decided to call my side hustle Artey Crafety and even got a shop set up on Etsy. Long story, short…I didn’t pursue the upcycled jewelry idea. It’s still something I want to do (stay tuned), but putting together the writing journal, inspired me to create a three more digital journals which are now part of my Artey Crafety gig and they’re now uploaded to my Etsy store which I hope you’ll check out-

Anyone else do something creative besides writing, like painting, playing guitar, maybe even acting! I’d love to hear what you do as a break from writing.

As you can guess, the journals, teaching and coaching have taken up a good part of the week. Tomorrow, looks like it’s going to rain all day, so it’s mystery writing time.

I’m planning out content for this site through the rest of the year…can’t believe it’s almost September. Is there anything you’d like to see…interviews with authors (do have a great one coming up soon), market guides, chats with editors, just drop me a note or leave a comment. And before I forget, thank you to everyone who signed up to be a guest blogger. I can’t wait to read the posts because some topics sound great.

Have a fun week, (to those in the UK, have a safe and fun holiday weekend), and happy writing to all.



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