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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Release Day for Death Likes Me

It’s the last Friday in June and today was the release day for the e-book version of Death Likes Me. I’m currently writing the sequel and it’s almost weird to revisit the characters after all this time. I’ve even had to create what I’ve called my cheat sheet where I’ve made notes about everything in Niki Webber’s life, her brothers, their ages, her friends, her old partner etc.

Today I also received a box load of The Essential Dehydrator, the cookbook I co-authored and which is released July 18th. My first hardcover. It’s nice to finally have one of my own to add to my vast collection. I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many cookbooks.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Fiction workshop is winding down and next up is me returning to my PR roots. I’m teaching Getting Your 15 Minutes for the Orange Country Chapter of RWA. It’s a two week class and runs July 15-28th if you’re interested.

Speaking of promotion I’ve decided to do an online book tour in the fall for Death Likes Me. I’ll post spot sites and days here on the blog as I get them.

This week I’ve been working on another short romance story and waiting to hear about one that I submitted a few weeks ago.

And a big thank you to everyone in Canada who purchased copies of Tell Me No Lies. On the day it was released it hit 534 on the bestseller’s list on Amazon-Canada. At one point it was the bestselling Western e-book, in the top ten for Western books, and number 12 on the Romantic Suspense list. It was such a thrill for me to see my name with authors I’ve admired and read their books for years. And what made my day was to see my book side by side with Craig Johnson’s new Longmire book. One of my favorite characters. I love the series on A & E and never miss it so it was an incredible honor for me.

My next release is The Hamilton Men. I’m trying to get a jpeg of the cover because it’s fantastic. Right now it’s in a zip file and techno idiot that I am I can’t seem to extract it to load it onto this site. Hopefully next week I’ll have something to share with you.

Have a good weekend and happy writing. To everyone in Canada, Happy Canada Day, and to everyone in the US, Happy Fourth of July.

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