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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Second Drafts

Finally some beautiful weather but I’ve still stayed inside writing. I finished the synopsis e-book and now it’s in the hands of my critique partner.

Anyone got any questions about writing a synopsis for me? I’ve decided to include a question and answer section in the final chapter so I’m looking for some volunteers to ask a few to include.

I also completed the first draft of my new shifter book. Its’ the third book in the Kalispell Shifter series and I’ve sort of got carried away with them. I began the second draft yesterday. I always try to look at it with a more critical eye. Lots of things get added and some get deleted. It always feels good to see it take more shape and form.

My next release is Rory, the final story in the Big Sky Cowboys trilogy, and that will be on Wednesday April 23rd.

Today I was checking out the Web site of a publisher…I’m reading one of their books to review, and was amazed that they’re encouraging authors to self-publish instead of submit to them. I guess it’s nice enough of them to be honest with writers and say, hey, you can make more money by doing this on your own than you can with us.

Happy writing to all.

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