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Friday Ramblings From An Author-TGIF


Whoever first coined TGIF had my sort of week.

No, it wasn’t awful, and it wasn’t even bad. It was just busy. So busy that I think my brain got slightly scrambled, eyes got fatigued and fingers weren’t working efficiently across the keyboard. I phoned one of my students for a coaching call at the wrong time. At least it was earlier than we’d arranged and not later! I must have messed up my password to one of my sites one too many times and I got locked out. This afternoon I almost wanted to rest my head on the keyboards and sleep but I’ve kept going. The weekend’s ahead and so is a heatwave…yes, that’s me being sarcastic about 39 degrees, but still I’ll take it.

So what have I been doing all week? My top priority’s been revamping all my workshops and getting them loaded onto a new platform. My hope is that they’ll be there for students any time they need them and my private coaching students will have free access to them too. My goal is to have 12 workshops on there by the end of spring…but we’ll see.

Speaking of workshops, I’m teaching two new ones next month for Low Country Romance Writers-How to Create Characters Readers Will Love, and for Outreach Chapter of RWS-Great Beginnings-How to Hook a Reader in the First Pages. Details are on the workshop schedule page if you or anyone you know is interested.

Thanks to everyone who signed up to be a guest blogger. I think there are a couple of spots left open if you’re interested. I’m excited to see what topics my guest bloggers will be sharing with you.

Now it’s back to work I go….

Have a good week, thanks if you’re a follower of The Writer’s Life, and happy writing to all.

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