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Friday Ramblings From An Author-The Future of Online Learning



We have what a big snow storm headed this way…well, at least that’s what they’re predicting. Guess I’ve picked the best weekend to tackle some DIY projects around the house.

Over the holidays, I made a list of my winter reading but am ashamed to say, I’m only ten pages into book one on that list!

This week, I began planning the workbook that will accompany the March promoting your book, boot camp. After that, it’s time to tackle the three I plan to include in the summer retreat. By the end of the year, I’ll have a whole bunch of these. I’m considering selling them on my own Web site so everyone has access to them, not just my students.

Speaking of classes, and the whole online learning experience. I’ve been looking at trends and how things will be taught during this decade. It seems we like visual and audio classes, and ones that offer just reading material are going out of vogue. I think that’s direction I’d like to take my classes too. I’m now thinking of overhauling each of them to include video and audio instruction and putting them on my site.

What do you all think? If you take a class or think about taking a class, do video and audio lessons draw you in more?

I know we’re only half way through January, but I should begin promoting next month’s classes over at OIRWA. I’ll be teaching Writing an Erotic Romance and Erotica class. This, by the way, is the only time I’m teaching it this year. I’m also offering a new boot camp Writing the Series and Trilogy. I just finished the workbook for this one and I’m excited about it. So, if you or anyone you know is interested in either topic, head over to OIRWA and sign up-

OIRWA 2021 Workshops

Thank you to Christine for being the Tuesday guest blogger.

And TWL picked up a lot more followers this week. 131 to go and we’ll be at 1,000. Help spread the word!

Have a good week, remember to live your dream, and happy writing to all.


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