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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Virtual Retreat Now in Session


The virtual writing retreat is now reality!

I’m happy to most people in session one are planning to stick with it all the way through  August. It shows commitment and I know each of those people are going to write a book they can be proud of.

I’m just as excited for other writers when I hear about their books as I am for my own stories.  Some of them are new writers and I get nostalgic thinking about a time, long, long ago when I had a dream, a pen and paper and I couldn’t return fast enough to continue writing whatever story I was creating.

We’re all writers here so we know that ‘feeling’ but for those who aren’t it’s hard to describe.

Besides the retreat and working with my private students, I got another back titled published. As I was working on it, I came up with an idea for a, well, I think it could turn into a potential script for a series.

I also, (finally), tried out my new solar oven.  I thought I’d struggle and have problems and a disaster on my hands but I surprised even myself. Okay, I started out with just making applesauce. However, it was the best applesauce I’ve ever tasted and this weekend, I’m going to try baking bread in it. Best thing is you can basically go away, do other stuff and not have to constantly watch it.

It’s almost time for summer reading too. I still haven’t put my list together but plan to this weekend.

Hope you have a fun one and happy writing to all.

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