Friday Ramblings From An Author-Welcome September

Only about twenty more days left of summer. Sometimes switching from the more layback feel of long hot days to the more brisk ones, can be tough, well at least for me. I’ve written down all the writing projects I want to tackle before the year ends and hopefully will cross off the majority of them.

My next release date is Sept 9th. I’d planned that day for the release of my self published book but now it’s become the one for my next Kalispell Shifters book, A Bear’s Baby…hope to have the cover to share with you next week. I’ve now moved the release of the self-pubbed one to Sept 16th. That’s one of the best things about being your own publisher, flexibility.

Currently I’m working on another Christmas story. This one will be for my Big Sky County series. My first idea was to have it as a standalone story with no ties to other characters or previous books, but as I’ve been writing the plot’s somehow gone in another direction. It’s now going to have a tie in with Cash, and will also be connected with the next book too. Lots of people ask me if I’m a plotter or panster. I started out as a plotter then became a little of both, but have to say lately I’m 100% panster.

I’m also back teaching workshops. One unfortunately got canceled so now it’s just the continuing series one. Next month, two more and then a break until January.

It’s a holiday weekend for those in the US so have a safe one. Happy writing to all.

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