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Friday Ramblings-New Release Day

It’s release day for my new series Big Sky County. Last week I didn’t have the cover yet so I couldn’t share it with you during my ramblings so here it is-

Next release is book seven of my Perfect Pairings series. This one features the first shifter and it’s called Falling For An Alpha. After that it’s two more stories in the Big Sky County series.

I finished my next historical story and I’m in the second edit stage of my next Kalispell Shifter story. And speaking of series, in November I’m teaching a webinar on that topic so watch the teaching schedule page for more details.

Last week I mentioned the new Getting Ready for NaNoWriMo workshop. I said I was teaching it in October but it’s September and starts on Labor Day and runs all month long if anyone’s interested. This week I began putting all my notes into lesson format and now I’m thinking about turning it into an e-book too. I’d love to get it self-published by the middle of September but I know that’s pushing it.

At the moment I’m reading three books and I’ve been thinking about how I used to read and how I read now. Before I became an author myself, and long before I started teaching writing, I’d read just for the fun of it. However, these days it’s getting harder to do that. I’m looking at other author’s stories as if they were my students and I wish I could turn off that part of my brain. One book in particular has really long sentences and not just one or two thrown in there now and then, but all of them are almost like paragraphs. I always tell my students to mix it up and avoid these overly long sentences when they can but obviously this author’s editor thought differently. Anyone else change your approach to reading books after you became an author?

Happy writing, have a good week, and if you’re in the UK, have a great Bank Holiday weekend.

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