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Is Writing a Pain in the Butt?

Let’s welcome back Viviana MacKade who’s blog post touches upon a delicate matter…

We writers are always talking about the emotional issues laced with who, and what, we are.

Borderline bipolar (I just discovered a study whose results were shocking: 8 out of 10 writers are, or lean into, bipolar disorders. Duh!), inclined to overthink pretty much everything, shy, over-sensitive, emphatic. The list, as we all know, could go on.

But what about my butt cheeks, after hours of sitting down and punching words on a computer? What about them, uh? Well, I’ll tell you what happens to them: they get numb, that’s what.

It starts with a mild pain where the weight pushes the butt-bones on the chair cushion. If you ignore it, after a while it goes away and you think everything is fine. It’s not. That’s when blood stops circulating. You get up for that pee-pee break and–there.

Numb buns.

You rub, try some stretching moves (never seen before and not helpful). You end up walking the numbness off for a moment, usually the time it gets to reach the bathroom–anything further it’s just a waste of time. Books don’t write themselves.

And don’t think that’s all. Oh, no. By mid-afternoon my legs hurt, too, possibly for the utter lack of movement (turns out, hitting the bathroom doesn’t qualify as an activity).

Don’t get me started with my back, or how my shoulders hunch so much they rest on my ears.

I lost several diopters as I went and, the most tragic aspect of all, my tan is not what it used to be despite my zip code.

It’s hard.

With this brief piece, I hope I opened the unaware readers’ eyes on how tough our job is, physically.

Let us all hope technology and modern medicine can come up with cushions writer-approved.

Until then, it’s butt-rubbing, I’m afraid.

Be strong, my friends.



About Viviana

Beach bum and country music addicted, Viviana lives in a small Floridian town with her husband and her son, her die-hard fans and personal cheer squad. She spends her days between typing on her beloved keyboard, playing in the pool with her boy, and eating whatever her husband puts on her plate (the guy is that good, and she really loves eating). Besides beaching, she enjoys long walks, horse-riding, hiking, and pretty much whatever she can do outside with her family.

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9 thoughts on “Is Writing a Pain in the Butt?

  1. Like most “disorders,” there’s a “spectrum,” so don’t be too hard on yourself. I suspect the “cure” for numb buns is one of those walking treadmill contraptions … if you have the space and the $$$. Best of luck.

  2. This is exactly why I moved to the living room and brought two pcs and a tall slender table as well. The living room has a fabulous recliner that also rocks. Between the table and my tall desk (the surface of the table is just barely 4 inches from my eye level) half of my living room is consumed. I only got to the other room to create pic and do bills. And yes, my butt was going numb on the ergonomic, highly expennsive chair. So I sent it to the basement, and bought a softer one. Still, nothing can compete to a giant recliner. Since I I have two pcs on, each arm of the recliner holds a mouse. I can now sit in the recliner working 14-16 hour days. Only my dog wants out and then back in 20 times a day, and I swear I have to tinkle 10 times a day, and Jess wants eggs or shredded chicken three times a day, Oh, and I’ll confess I do, sometimes fall asleep in my chair with a PC on my lap while the other PC reads me a story. But I’ve no sore bum!

  3. This was hilarious, Viv! I game and write in my chair so I can relate. Mine is more a recliner like Liza has, because that’s the absolute right idea! Just sometimes I fall asleep in it… =D

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