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Today’s interviewee is Diana Stobo who not only shares her writing experience with us but some tips about healthy snacks while at the keyboard.


Susan Palmquist (SP)-Tell us about yourself and what you do?

Diana Stobo (DS)-I am an author, motivational speaker, wellness coach and mother.  I began a journey of health after being riddled with health issues and weight.  I formulated an eating plan based on my culinary background and nutritional education.  My mission is to empower others to eat for health vibrance and beauty.  I do this by presenting, speaking, coaching and writing.  I love helping people help themselves.  For most people who want to get healthy, the issue lies in not knowing where to start.  I am a “how” person, I provide tools and inspiration to ensure success.

SP-When did you decide to write your first book?

DS-“Get Naked Fast, a guide to stripping away the foods that weight you down” started after I wrote down my life story.  I called it “My body Naked”.  Then, I was asked to speak about my transformation into health.  People wanted to know how they could “get naked” too.  So I formulated a 14 page pamphlet to hand out, and as it evolved into a more substantial handbook, the book was created.

SP-Tell us about it and what we’ll find between the covers?

DS-Get Naked Fast will hold your hand through a non-judgemental approach to eating for health vibrance and beauty.
There are no “should’s or should not’s” but a realistic and accessible guide to cleaning out your pantry, grocery lists, easy substitutions for your favorite foods, a menu plan, recipes and all the reasons why you would want to eat “Naked nourishment”.
You will find all the answers to your questions getting healthy in a fast paced world.

SP-Did you learn anything about the writing process that helped you put together your second book?

DS-I learned that creating a system is key.   Making a simple book is almost harder then making a complex one.  As you read my books, you will uncover an amazing amount of information that took a lot of time to sift through.  Every factoid is broken down from pages of research into one sentence.  I found that we have too much conflicting information.   If I tell you that Citrus and kale will make your skin glow, do you care if it’s from the Vitamin C or Calcium, or are you happy to hear the end result?

SP-Writers, yes, me included, are known for snacking while at the keyboards. Any healthy snacks we can indulge in?

DS-I sip on smoothies while I write.  I love to have a straw near by so that I can indulge with my lips while still typing.  Do you like that image?  Make a smoothie with fresh juice, greens and fruit.  Add some green powders, coconut milk, or almond milk for a creamy version.  Whatever you can do to keep hydrated and nourished while working, as it will result in sharper cognitive function.

SP-How about drinks and foods for energy when we can’t get away from the computer?

DS-Hydration and Oxygen create energy.  H2O is key to keeping you aligned and energized.  That’s why I drink more then I eat, it keeps me light and energized.

SP-Food prices are rising, so maybe you can give us your suggestions best foods for nutrition while still staying on budget?

SP-What’s next for you?
DS-So much great stuff happening in my life right now.  I have a host of books floating around my computer that need to be formulated.  I have product lines that are being produced.  I am continuing my speaking and coaching along with representing raw food companies.  A network show is being discussed and I’m creating a membership page on my website that will allow my members to get all exclusive information and recipes to support a “naked” lifestyle.

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