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Monday Motivation-Nothing’s a Mistake



Let’s use this quote by Tina Fey to remind us to learn from our writing mistakes. We all make them. Sometimes they’re pointed out by our critique partners or editors. They don’t make us any less of the wonderful writers that  we are…unless of course, we don’t do something to fix them.

Use mistakes as a way to learn and an opportunity to become a better writer.

(Even a better person too).


2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation-Nothing’s a Mistake

  1. I love this post! There’s this wonderful poem by poet Jane Hirshfield in which she writes “use your failures for paper.” As I walk my writing path, I try to remember that “failures” are part of the creative process. I haven’t necessarily failed, I’ve just discovered a way that won’t work. No mistakes, only opportunities. Perfect, perfect advice. Thanks for the Monday motivation!

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