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Monday Writing Prompts-Old Friends



For today’s writing prompt, your story takes place in a coffee shop. Two friends who haven’t seen one another in twenty years decide to reunite there. Do things go well and do they promise never to lose touch again? Perhaps they were once childhood sweethearts. Maybe seeing one another again sparks old rivalries or even thoughts of revenge.

Have fun and happy writing.

1 thought on “Monday Writing Prompts-Old Friends

  1. Hi Susan, it’s Kay Pickard here. I wanted to give you a quick message re my assignment with WM because they won’t be back in the office till Tuesday I think. I will sort out some more to send you soon, so don’t want you to carry on with what you have. I like this prompt; I’m looking for another idea for a piece of flash fiction for a competition and I’ve just done one where two old friends bump into each other after twenty years as well. This time though, they had fallen out badly!

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