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New Teaching Schedule for 2019



I don’t usually put my workshop schedules on here as a post but instead have them on a separate section of the site(they’ll still be there), but as next year I’ll be teaching exclusively for one chapter of Romance Writers of America (RWA), I thought I’d make a post about classes I’ll be teaching and what’s going to be new in 2019. This will be my tenth year teaching for RWA.

I’ll be offering lots more bootcamp style classes. These have a limited number of students and it’s more one on one with me guiding you through the topic. Each student will each get a free digital journal and planner so they can monitor and organize their work.

I’ll also be giving away a prize in every class. We’ll have a random drawing and someone will get a different prize each month. It could be a book or even a critique of a synopsis or chapter.

I know lots of people ask if the classes are just for romance writers and no, they’re not. Although they’re taught through RWA, they don’t focus exclusively on romances. I’ve had mystery and young adult novel writers in lots of the classes and I think you’ll find the information relevant to all types of writing.

They’re taught through a Yahoo Group so you never have to worry about being online at times that don’t work for you. You can read the lessons whenever you want, work on the assignments whenever you want, and it’s one of the things I like most about teaching this way.

Prices for regular classes $25 for members of OIRW, $35 for non-members. Bootcamp classes $55 for members of OIRW and $65 for non-members.

Their web site is


Common Writing Problems and How to fix Them  7-30

Self-Publishing Bootcamp (Limited to 10 Students) 7-30


Plotting Your Novel 4-28

Synopsis Writing Bootcamp (2 weeks, Limited 10 students) 4-18


How to Write a Romance Novel March 4-30

Plotting Your Novel BootCamp (Limited to 10 students) 4-30


So, You Want to Self-Publish Your Novel? 8-30

Great Beginnings-Hooking the Reader in the First Chapters 8-30


Self-Publishing Bootcamp (Limited to 10 students) 6-30


Writing Erotic Romance and Erotica 3-28

Getting Contest/Conference Ready 3-28


Crafting the Short Story or Novella 8-30


Crafting the Short Story or Novella Bootcamp (Limited to 10 students) 5-30


Writing the Continuing Series and/or Trilogy 9-30

Common Writing Problems and How to Fix Them 9-30


Getting Ready for NaNoWriMo 7-30

Self-Publishing Bootcamp (Limited to 10 students) 7-30

November ***No classes week of Thanksgiving

Write Characters-Creating People Readers will Love 4-29

Synopsis Writing Bootcamp (2 weeks, Limited to 10 students) 2-16


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