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Q and A With Evernight Publishing

I’ve been meaning to do a Q and A with one of my publishers so here it is. Stacy Adderley is the publisher of Evernight Publishing home to many of my books and here she tells us what they look for in submissions-




This Writer’s Life (TWL)-What made you decide to launch Evernight Publishing?

Stacey Adderley (SA)-I wanted to create a romance publishing house that welcomed all sub-genres without focusing on just one. It was also important to make it author friendly, not just reader friendly.

TW-What do you feel sets it apart from other e-publishers?

SA-We have weathered the storms that most other e-publishers have not. It is critical to keep up with the changes in the industry, watch book trends, and modify our marketing as necessary.

TWL-You publish lots of bestselling books so what do you feel makes a book sell well?

SA-Hot genres, authors with strong backlists, and an intriguing premise are some of the factors.

TWL-Is there any particular storyline you’d love to see a writer submit?

SA-We are open to all sub-genres of romance. It’s always helpful when authors check the current reading trends and bestselling lists when deciding what to write next. Book trends come and go quickly.

TWL-Can you tell us about the special lines, like Romance on the Go and what you look for within these lines?

SA-Romance on the Go is based on length. They are popular shorter stories that readers can enjoy in an hour or less. We have anthology calls once or twice a year, and they are very successful.

TWL-You also publish young adult novels. Anything you’re currently looking for?

SA-We publish upper YA fiction through Evernight Teen. We are keeping our eyes open for contemporary romance/dating stories that teens can relate to. We also accept LGBT teen books.

TWL-What common mistakes do you see authors make when they submit their manuscripts?

SA-Errors in the query letter, sending genres we don’t publish, and books that don’t start out with a hook. Please follow the submission guidelines on our website.

TWL-If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring writer what would it be?

SA-If you want to be successful, it’s important to engage readers, build your backlist, and brand yourself in a genre/theme/element that helps readers remember you.

Check out Evernight Publishing submissions page at-


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