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Saturday Seminar-Writing With Five Senses

Welcome to the first Saturday Seminar.

What’s a Saturday Seminar? It’s a post that will focus on improving your writing. One small element that can make a good story, great.

This first one will focus on writing with all five senses.

One of the biggest challenges for us writers, is figuring out how to transfer what’s in our heads onto the page or screen and do it in such a way that the reader experiences and processes it in their heads in exactly the same way.

It’s no small task but when it happens you have a reader who experiences your story on a whole new level and you’ve won them over as a fan.

One easy way to do that is to use all five senses.

Practice makes perfect so here are five photos which will take you through those senses.

The first one is taste-

If your character was eating this, how would you convey what they’re experiencing to the reader.



The second one is hearing

Your character is looking at this scene, describe everything they’re hearing-

seagulls-3384672_640 sat seminar


The third is touch. This rabbit has wandered into their yard and they’ve reached out to feel its fur. What does it feel like to your character.




The fourth one is smell.

Your character is walking through this lavender field. What do they experience?



The final one is sight. Your character sees this road ahead, what specific details do they pick up on?



Remember to add some thoughts too. Characters, just like real people, don’t experience a play on their senses without thinking and reacting to them.


Hope you have fun with this. I’d love to hear your feedback and comments. Did it help you take your writing to a new level?

Anything you’d like to see in another Saturday Seminar?


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