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What Writing Help Do You Need in 2021?

It’s Monday afternoon and I’m working on content ideas for This Writer’s Life for 2021. I’ve brainstormed lots of them, made a list of authors, agents, editors I hope to reach out to for interviews, topics to tackle etc.

However, another idea popped into my head, why not ask you.

So, here’s my question, what writing help do you need in 2021?

Is it suggestions for markets on where to submit your work? Would you like to see a market guide at least once a month?

Do you need help with a specific writing topic, like creating characters, using point of view?

Or do you need more help with setting goals and staying motivated?

Would you like to see more interviews with your fellow authors?

Please don’t be shy. Leave a comment or e-mail me at Let me know what content is a priority for you. With your input, I can better tailor content for you, my loyal audience.

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