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What’s On My Bookshelf?


If you’ve ever had a hobby or a pursuit that’s become your passion, you might relate to this story.

When I knew I wanted to be a writer, I bought just about every writing how to book written. I even joined the Writer’s Digest Book Club and couldn’t wait for the booklet they used to send out every month to arrive. Would I choose the main selection for the month, would I buy it and a few more books?

I wasn’t earning writing income at that time, but yet a lot of my money went toward buying books that would turn me into (well hopefully), a great writer.

Needless to say, my bookshelves began to bend. Some of them even fell to the ground. A few years ago, I decided some needed to go. I did get rid of lots of them, but many still remain in my collection.

As a new feature here on TWL, I thought from time to time, I’d share with you which ones I kept and why.

The first one is The Screenwriting Formula by Rob Tobin.

book for post

I have to admit this is a book I purchased about eight years ago so it’s not one of the original buys…I wish it was.

You might be thinking but I’m not intending to be a screenwriter. I’ve found it not only packed with information if you are like me, wanting to write a screenplay, but it’s for every writer.

It got me thinking in a while new way about plotting, dividing the story into three acts…yes, it’s something I’ve learned and loved to do and now pass along the technique to my own students.

It also got me thinking more about characters and their flaws and what they truly want.

Every story should pull you in and pull you in ASAP, but when it’s for the screen rather than the page, that’s vital. Without that quality, the screenwriter doesn’t get to see their work become a movie or TV series.

All writers should learn from this technique. In fact, I think it will make the whole plotting and creating a character that much easier.

This book is probably going to be one of my keeper books that will remain on my shelf for as long as I’m still writing.



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  1. Hi. This is Rob Tobin, author of “The Screenwriting Formula.” I am flattered and grateful for you very kind review. Do you mind if I use your review in promoting my book and services? Thanks again for your excellent and generous review.

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