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A Chat with Relay Publishing



If you’ve ever thought about writing for a book packager, you might be interested in my chat with Relay Publishing…

This Writer’s Life( TWL)-Could you tell us about Relay Publishing, what sort of books you publish and when the company was launched?

Relay Publishing (RP)-Relay Publishing was founded in April 2013, and since then has developed a catalogue of over 450 books across several genres in both English and German. Our focus is on young adult fantasy, science fiction and romance, but we have recently expanded into the post-apocalyptic and psychological thriller genres.

At our core, we’re a book packaging company—our process starts with fresh concepts and outlines created by our in-house team. From there our amazing writers are commissioned to flesh it out into a fully-fledged book, while working alongside our award-winning editors, to create stories that readers simply can’t put down!

TWL-You’re a book packager rather than publisher so could you explain what that means for a writer who wants to work with you?

RP-Book packagers handle the book publishing process from beginning to end. We take great story ideas that fill a gap in the market and collaborate with talented writers to bring them to life. These story ideas and concepts are created by our in-house team, which are then fleshed out into detailed outlines.

We then work closely with one of our writers to bring these outlines to life. The focus throughout is on quality, and the writer works closely with an editor to ensure the reader will be blown away by both the story and the prose. That means as a writer you’ll have a detailed roadmap to follow as you write and a helping hand to assist if you run into any issues, have questions or just need a sounding board.

If you’ve read any of the Hardy Boys, Goosebumps, Warriors or Vampire Diaries series, then you’ve read a book packaged title!

TWL-And how does a writer apply to work with you? Do you have any specific requirements such as previously published or can a complete beginner apply?

RP-Simply head to our recruitment portal,, to see the latest available roles. We don’t have any requirements to submit a sample, just a passion for stories and writing!

TWL-What’s key to success and what are some of the reasons a writer might not be accepted?

RP-When applying for a role, please ensure you read the job description carefully and submit a sample that is relevant to the genre. If you can show you have experience either writing or reading in that specific genre before, that’s a plus.

TWL-Once accepted, what can a writer expect? Are their deadlines, do they get to work with a specific editor?

RP-Once accepted, you’ll have a call with our COO to go over our project management system which will be used to manage your project. You’ll then be assigned deadlines, sent the outline for review and introduced to your editor. Once outline is reviewed, writing begins!

TWL-Does the writer get a byline or are they more of a ghostwriter?

RP-All writing projects are commissioned with a house pen name on the book.

TWL-Is there any genre that you’re particularly looking to find writers?

RP-We’re always looking for talented romance and fantasy writers.

TWL-Would you be willing to disclose how much a writer is paid? Is if a flat fee or does the writer earn royalties?

RP-Writer payments are based on a per word rate, dependent on writer experience and genre.

TWL-Finally, are you strictly an e-book publisher or do you publish print versions too?

RP-We publish eBooks, Paperbacks and Audiobooks.

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