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A Series of Firsts

Madeline McEwan is back as this week’s guest blogger…

This month, September, represents a series of firsts for me:-

First visit to New York City, even though we’ve lived in the States for more than two decades.

First interstate flight for my two autistic adult sons—they’re coming with us, reluctantly.

First book launch for the anthology, Me Too in Mysterious Books, NYC.

Initially, I was thrilled at the opportunity, until I realized I would have to read aloud to the audience for two and a half minutes. [I was advised to practice frequently before the great day—although, technically the event is in the evening.]



 Why so fearful, I hear you ask? Haven’t you read aloud before if you’re an author?

 And yes, in reply I have done this before, but those readings were about my cozy mystery protagonist, Betty Grape, a grumpy old woman and, incidentally, my alter ego. However, my Me Too short story, Stepping on Snakes, is a fictionalized account of an incident from my youth: too personal, too intimate, and far too embarrassing.

 I told my children this story, and others, on several occasions. I have a whole series of cautionary tales which warned them of the many dangers the world holds for them and me. I’ve always presented them in a traditional framework: this is what happened and how could I have changed the outcome if I had done things differently?

 But now, in the Me Too era, I realize that once again, I’ve got it all wrong. I focused on what I did wrong and played the blame game. Instead, with my newly gained perspective, I might concentrate on why women, [and some men] endure sexual assault in silence.

 Hence, on Tuesday the 24th of September, I shall try my best to speak out, speak up, and tell my story to join with so many others.

 What about you? Do you have a story too? If so, we all want to hear it, loud and proud.


 Learn More About Madeline and her work at the following links-!/MadMcEwen



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