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Best Freelance Markets for Beginners



pencil-1486278_640What are the best markets for beginning Freelance writers? 

Here are some I think offer you the best chance to get published and get paid when you’re an absolute beginner…or in need of some extra cash.

Local Newspapers

I know there aren’t as many as around as back in the days when I freelanced, but I’m sure you can find something in your local neighborhood like a free newspaper that you sometimes find on racks at coffee shops. I used to pick up anything I could get my hands on, take them home and look for information about editor’s names and contact info. One place I found a goldmine of publications was at my local co-op…especially great if like me, you enjoy writing about food and health topics.

Trade Magazines

I found that trade magazines, the ones that are keyed to a specific industry (like furniture or eye glasses), offer less competition and therefore a better bet for the beginning writer. They won’t pay as well and you might have to write about something you find boring, but it’s work and another clip for your portfolio.

Online Publications

These are a lot more common than when I started out but when I did stumble upon something online, I discovered, once again, less competition and editors who were more willing to give work to someone who didn’t have a lot of experience or a large portfolio.

While all these markets are lower pay and willing to take a chance of a newbie, don’t think for one minute you can turn in sub par work. As with all writing jobs, give it 100 percent, meet your deadline and you’ll always be in demand.

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