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Biggest Writing Hurdle

If I asked you what you feel is the biggest hurdle to getting a book written what would be your answer?

If you would have asked me that about ten years ago, I would have quickly responded, lack of a good plot, flat characters, etc.

However, after tutoring, teaching and coaching, here’s the answer

Lack of Motivation

I’ve had students not complete courses and private students who throw in the towel after a few weeks. Not just a handful, but the majority.

But that’s not going to be you.

I can guarantee that if you stay motivated, stay the course, you’ll get that book written. Stay the course even more and you’ll get published.

I say this all the time. Most of the published authors aren’t necessarily the most talented writers but what sets them apart is they stayed motivated enough to get the job done.

So, let’s set you a goal for 2021. You are going to stay motivated no matter what. Write when you don’t feel like it, even if it’s just a few lines about your day and why you don’t feel like writing. Remember habits form after 30 days. Write everyday for 30 days and it will be like you’re on auto pilot.

Stay motivated even when you receive a rejection.

Stay motivated even when the plot is going nowhere.

Something to also try this year, find an accountability partner. It doesn’t even have to be a fellow author, just someone who like you has a dream, a goal, something they want to achieve. Check in on a regular basis, talk about what you did, what you didn’t do, what was hard, what you struggled with and how you can help one another live that dream.

Can’t find anyone?

Write yourself a note each week-

For example, this week I will write 1,000 words each day

This week, I’ll write three chapters…

Put the note in an envelope but don’t look at it until the week is done. Pull it out and see how you did.

Makes notes about what success you had and what you didn’t get done and why. Sometimes that why gives you a clearer picture of the reasons you’re not meeting your weekly quotas.

Once you’ve done that, start again and put that note in the envelope and repeat it.

After a month or so, I’m guessing you won’t need the notes and envelopes any more because instinct will take over and you’ll simply write.

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