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Friday Ramblings From An Author-Goodbye To My Favorite TV Show

It’s now officially my favorite time of the year, and not just because of the changing scenery. For me fall’s the time when I start thinking about and plotting new stories and ideas for books. In the frozen tundra, (and as I’m not one for being outdoors when it’s below zero), that leaves lots of time for writing and yes, reading too.

I’m always interested to hear where other writers get their inspiration and ideas. Just today while I was grocery shopping two new ideas for non-fiction books popped into my head.

This weekend I have mixed emotions about Sunday’s series finale of Breaking Bad. I can’t wait to see what happens to Walt and Jesse, but at the same time I’ll be sad to see this fantastic show come to a conclusion. If you’ve ever taken my Seven Deadly Sins of Fiction workshop you’ll know that I use this show as an example of how to create characters people will love and cheer for even if they’re doing something bad. And if you’ve never watched the show, be sure to check it out because the writing is excellent (and the acting and directing are top notch too).

My next release is Thursday and it’s the first story in my Love Cowboy Style, called Courted By A Cowboy. Here’s a look at the cover-


The synopsis workshop is winding down, and next up is the Seven Deadly Sins of Fiction which begins on Tuesday…yes, can’t believe it’s October already. It’s the last workshop of the year and then I’ll be revamping all of them and writing lessons for all the new ones for 2014.

Have a good weekend and happy writing.

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