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Friday Ramblings From An Author-It’s Spring

The calendar says spring but the temperature doesn’t agree.  It’s been a bitter cold week but I’ve been busy so it’s just as well I wasn’t tempted outside by balmy weather.

Yesterday I completed gallery proofs of my upcoming cookbook. It’s looking good and reading through it made me just as hungry as when it was being created. No official release date but I think it looks like sometime in July.

I also got to see a sneak peek at the cover for another July release, this one a mystery, Death Likes Me. It’s a super one and I can’t wait to share it with you here once I get the final copy. Sometimes the most exciting thing about an upcoming release is viewing the cover for the first time. I think it’s fun to see how an artist envisions your story in images.

Wondering what the best selling e-books of 2012 were? Publisher’s Weekly just put out this list-

And you know I always do some shameless self promoting. If you’re interested in learning to write a synopsis, a new workshop taught by moi, starts Monday April 1st and ends April 26th. It’s always a fun one with lots of participation so hope to see you there. Here’s a link if you want to register and feel free to pass this along to any writing group you might belong to-

And while I’ve been offering the free seminar over at Coffeetime Romance someone asked how they could get back to writing and stick with it. I suggested writing to music and it started a discussion on the pros and cons. My suggestion is to write to music without lyrics. I tried writing to all my favorites from the Eighties…showing my age here, and it didn’t work because I was listening to what the singer was saying and not what I was writing, and it slowed me down. I then decided to go no lyrics, just New Age and classical and it was perfect. Something I mentioned on the Coffeetime Forum today was Music for Brainwave Massage by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. It’s great background music and I listen to it when I’ve creating my first drafts. You hardly notice it’s there playing but you feel relaxed and the writing flows. You can check it out at

Have a good weekend and happy writing.

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