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Friday Ramblings From An Author-New Release (Well, Sort Of)

This week I published a new story and I use the word new loosely because I wrote it back in 2016 as part of my Big Sky County series. As I had plans to self publish, I had to wait until I got rights back to the last book in the series before I could do that so this week, that happened.

Here’s the cover-



This weekend I’m planning to work on my next Kalispell Shifter story and maybe even the next Big Sky County book too. I left both series with cliffhangers so it’s about time I continued the story lines for anyone who’s following along.

Whenever I’m thinking about writing something, another idea pops into my head. I got this idea for a cozy mystery series with what I hope is a unique setting…have to do some research to see if it actually is or not.

This week, I also got another writing class ready for fall release. I have three ready to be recorded and have decided that’s on my to do list.

The weather has been a lot cooler which has been a welcome break and means I can work outside a lot more.

I’m planning out my fall schedule and even thinking ahead to 2021. Giving this site a makeover is on my to do list. I’m also thinking about a monthly subscription newsletter for writers. Would anyone be interested in that? It would feature writing tips and markets for your work, maybe even an interview with an editor or agent. It would be digital only so I can keep the subscription cost as low as possible and make it affordable to lots of people. Let me know what you think.

That’s about it for this first week of August. Thank you to everyone who decided to follow TWL this week. Appreciate having you join the rest of the writing community.

Until Monday, have a fun weekend and happy writing to all.

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