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Friday Ramblings From An Author-The Last Rambling of the Month

It seems authors turning into self-publishers is here to stay. I edit and review for a couple of sites and have noticed more and more books listed as self-published finding their way into both databases. Maybe this will be the start of a whole new cottage industry for everyone.

And speaking of publishing your own work, I saw this great article from Writer’s Digest all about DIY publishing. For a non-techie like me, it made it all seem very easy with its explanation of all the different e-book formats. Check it out-

And I only wish I could attend this conference in the UK.  It costs just 45 pounds including a lunch, and is The Self-Publishing Conference. If you’re lucky enough to live close by here’s the link for signing up.

And if you do attend I’d love to hear all about it!

I started a new story this week based on an idea I had many years ago. Knowing the basic plot of the story I just started typing but got frustrated because it wasn’t playing out like I’d planned. I stopped and had to think about my characters and what type of people would be right for this story. Let’s just say they’ve evolved into two entirely different people and what I thought was going to be a lighthearted story now has a more serious theme to it. So the moral is don’t give up on any story, just rethink it.

The short story workshop will be drawing to a close next week and I’m always surprised just how much I learn from teaching. Next up is a free week long seminar I’m offering through Coffeetime Romance called Writing A Romance Novel. It should be fun and hope you can join in. I’ll be giving away a e-book copy of How To Write A Romance Novel and also a critique of one participant’s synopsis.

It’s been snowing most of the day where I live so it looks like I’ll be clearing the driveway before I do any more writing today.

Have a good weekend and Happy Writing.

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