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Self-publishing is here to stay. I know the major emphasis has been on electronic books but if you still have your heart set on being published in print (and self-publishing print books), here’s something that might interest you

Tell us about Feed a Read and how it got started. is independently run and was programmed with two Arts Council grants to enable all authors to publish paperbacks with feedback for the highest selling authors from Random House and Orion, publishers of authors such as Dan Brown and Terry Pratchett. The aim is to help all authors to publish and for the top selling authors to receive consideration from world leading mainstream publishers. We publish print-on-demand books, each time a reader orders a copy a paperback is printed and delivered to them. Feedback from our authors is displayed on the top of the homepage and we have now published hundreds of books.

Is there any cost to the writer? 

Authors can sell their paperbacks directly through with no charge. If they wish to also have their books distributed so that they may be bought through leading bookseller sites such as Amazon and Waterstones there is a cost of £88 for this service.

Can Feed a Read be used for both fiction and non-fiction?

Yes it can.

How about ISBN, is that included? 

The ISBN is included.

Does the manuscript have to be formatted a certain way? 

We provide paperback sized Word document templates for writers to download and paste their book manuscripts into and then upload to the site in a simple publishing process.

Can a writer from any country use Feed a Read?

All nationalities are welcome to publish.

What percentage does the writer earn and how are they paid?

FeedARead pays higher net royalties than the largest print on demand publishers.  For sales of a book through bookseller distribution channels – Amazon, etc –  the author will receive 80% of royalties after the retailer – Amazon etc – take their bookseller discount, which is typically 30 to 55% of retail price, and after print costs have been deducted. UK Royalty Example Example royalties for a £7.99 book in bookseller distribution.  Book Price £7.99 minus bookseller discount minus print cost = £1.80 net profit.  80% of £1.80 = £1.44 royalty to the author per book sale. FeedARead receives the remaining 20%.
For sales of books bought directly by a reader from, the author will receive even higher royalties as there is no percentage of the retail price to pay to book retailers (Amazon, etc) on these sales. Direct Site Sales UK Royalty Example   200 page book priced at £7.99 For a 200 page book the author receives £3.27 royalty for every book they sell.

What other sites sell these books?

 Our printers are one of the world’s largest and, with distribution links to over 30,000 wholesalers, retailers and booksellers in over 100 countries, book titles gain the maximum exposure in the market today.

Tell us more about the publisher feedback that the books receive?

The highest selling new feedaread authors receive feedback from Random House and Orion, publishers of authors such as Dan Brown and Terry Pratchett. The feedback is on their opening chapters, up to 10,000 words. The aim is that authors receive further development advice plus consideration by these leading publishers.

And what about book covers? Does the writer have to supply their own?

The author can upload their own images on our cover creation page, which sizes the images they upload correctly for them in a simple process, or the author can choose a cover template, examples are on the site once logged in.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about Feed a Read?

We welcome all authors. Our aim is to provide top quality paperbacks which are great reads for readers, with great royalties for authors. Feedback from our authors, and examples of our books, can be viewed on the homepage.

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