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Wednesday Writing Prompts-Cold

  This week’s prompt focuses on a character who has a cold. How do they react…maybe they’ve got something important to do and are too sick to get out of bed. Maybe they take a new to them remedy… Perhaps they’re only pretending they have a cold to get out of doing something they hate.…

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Promptober Day 31

Here we are at the last day of Promptober. It’s Halloween so today’s story is, yes, you guessed it, a horror story. Happy Halloween to all. (The regular Wednesday prompts will return next week).

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Promptober-Day 29

We’re in the final three days of Promptober. How many stories have you created? Created any that you think you’ll submit to a publication or even self-publish? It’s the week of Halloween so I thought we’d finish out all three days with some spooky prompts. Today’s one is a ghost story…is there one you’ve been…

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