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Writing Challenge Begins on Monday

Just a quick post today as I’m putting the finishing touches to the first two of my new self paced classes.

Our February writing challenge begins on Monday.

Are you ready?

Start thinking about the time of day you like to write.

Are you someone who likes to get up early to journal or maybe work on another chapter of your book?

Maybe an evening writer who likes the darkness and quiet of the midnight hour?

How about where you like to write?

Not sure?

Try different places and times and figure out where you’re most productive.

How about music or can you write while watching a movie or favorite TV show?

And something to think about, can you write faster on your laptop or can you get more done writing with pen and paper?

It took me a long time to switch over to keyboard typing (maybe because I always hated typing), from sitting with a pen and notebook.

The challenge will feature lots of different writing styles and genres. I hope it will get you into the habit of making writing a part of your daily life.

And for those of you who already write every day, I hope it will take you out of your comfort zone and you’ll begin thinking about different points of view, tenses, and even genres.

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