Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

Check out job boards to find your next freelance gig.

One of the key elements to being a successful freelance writing is finding consistent work.

When I started out, I’d spend a few hours a day researching markets, trying to figure out who hired freelance writers and what looked like a good match.

Fast forward to today, and I think it’s gotten a little easier because there are lots of sites that list a whole bunch of jobs in one spot. It’s a huge advantage because you can see at a glance who’s hiring and what they want.

(A side note here, you should still be looking for writing opportunities on your own as well as checking out job boards because one, it’s less competition, and two, you’ll find gigs that match your expertise and likes which makes the whole thing more fun).

Here’s one site I found to share with you. It’s actually a site for bloggers. Yes, they have lots of jobs for bloggers but I noticed there are a host of other writing and editing related jobs there too.

Remember to follow the instructions on how to apply, and definitely look closely at how they pay you and when. Like I always say,, do your homework.

Good luck, hope you find the perfect gig.

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