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Step Outside Your Writing Comfort Zone

All too often we get into a comfortable zone. It’s safe, it’s familiar, and why not you say, after all, we’ve worked years just to get to this point.

However, in every writer’s life, comes the time when you have to step outside that zone. Venture into territory unknown and yes, it’s sometimes scary.

A few years ago, I realized that after writing so many stories in the same genre and even sub genre that I needed to flex my creative muscles.

I tried writing some sci fi stories.

I didn’t have publishing them in mind. These were for my eyes only.

Ten minutes every day, writing in a genre that was unfamiliar to me. A genre that I don’t usually read that much either.

Even with non-fiction, you can tackle topics you never dreamed about researching.

It could be you’ve only written short stories and you want to give novel writing a try.

Never written a poem? Maybe you should.

The only way to grow and improve as a writer is to once in a while stray outside the comfort zone. And who knows you might find a new genre in which you’re going to be a bestselling author or as a non-fiction writer, a topic on which you’ll soon become an expert.

Today, think about what you’re going to write about to do just that.

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