Create a Deadline

Are you working to a deadline even though you don’t have one?

This week I published a new class at Skillshare Be a Better Writer-15 Easy Tips.

15 easy things you can do to improve your skills whether you’re writing a novel, short story, or even a non-fiction article. I’ll give you a link at the end of this post but I thought I’d share one of the tips with you here at TWL.

It’s an easy one, and that’s to create a deadline.

Imagine that the work you’re planning to write has been requested by an editor. What date have they set for you to hand in your article or story?

Play editor and even write yourself an assignment letter. Put the date on your calendar and be sure to have the article or story ready. Don’t just say you’re going to write something, tell the world on what date it’s going to be finished.

It gives you something to work toward, helps you keep on track, helps you with your goal and motivation. Yes, you need motivation to write because it’s not all smooth sailing.

Another plus, it gives you a practice run when the time rolls around that you really do have a deadline assigned by an editor.

If you’d like to check out the class here’s the link-


And if you don’t have a premium membership at Skillshare and would like to give it a 14 day trial run to listen to this class and many others, here’s my affiliate link (full disclosure, I will be compensated if you use it and end up buying a premium membership)


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