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Potential Markets for You

Sometimes finding something to write about or creating a new story is the easy part, finding a market for your work is the tough side of the equation.

Here are three potential markets for you to check out-

Chicken Soup for the Soul

This is great market if you’re a beginning writer and it’s Chicken Soup for the Soul. Use this link as it’s a handy guide to see what types of books and topics they’ll be publishing this year-

The Writer

I’ve always loved this magazine and using this link you can see what contests they have lined up for the year

Calling All Romance Writers

I found this company purely by chance and if you’re a romance writer this might be of interest to you. Looks like they’re a gaming company who uses writers to pen romance stories for them. I’ll follow up with this one and see if I can find someone at the company to interview to learn more about what they need and what they look for.

As always, do your homework and check out any new to you market and definitely double check any contracts that result from an acceptance from a company or market.

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