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Friday Ramblings-Countdown to National Write a Novel Month

The last rambling of the month and next Friday will be the first day of National Write A Novel Month.

Anyone else taking part?

This will be my first time and as I’m teaching a workshop on this very topic next October I thought I should give it a try, see what works, what doesn’t, so I can pass along tips. I already have a few so if you’re giving it a try this year here’s what I’ve got so far-

Think about the story you’ll be working on way before the 1st rolls around.

Start work on the story a day or two before so you’re not looking at a blank screen or sheet of paper on day one.

Take time to do other things that usually spark your creativity, for me that’s usually gardening and cooking.

Know it’s okay to fail. Maybe one day you don’t write but don’t give up. Just get back to work the following day.

Don’t think like an editor, just get it written knowing that you’ll use December for a second draft.

If your story is going no where or you get stuck, switch to another one.

And although it’s called Write a Novel month, you don’t have to take it literally, try writing a bunch of short stories or a couple of novellas if you want.

Most of all, it’s a great opportunity to get into the habit of writing every day.

I’ve actually started writing my story. I had three ideas and decided to turn them into a new trilogy. (I might end up writing chapters for all three just so I can meet the goal of 50,000 words…more about this in coming weeks). I’ll be blogging here every couple of days or so about my progress. And if anyone else wants to share their tips or experiences, feel free to leave a comment or even contact me if you’d like to guest blog on the topic.

Have a good weekend and happy writing.

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