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My First Journey in Self-Publishing Fiction

Most of you know for the last year or so I’ve been self-publishing my non-fiction books, but recently ventured into fiction too. I got my feet wet by re-releasing a title when the rights were returned to me. In the next few months more of my book contracts expire which means I’ll be doing more of the same.

Last month I thought I’d take another leap and self-pub a brand new story. It’s not released yet but I thought I’d share the journey with in you in hopes to encourage you to give it a try.

Play to Your Strengths

For us authors; writing is first and foremost a creative endeavor, however, I’ve learned quickly that it’s also a business too. When it’s your money on the line you have to make sure you won’t take a lose. So with that in mind, I decided to go with a genre that’s sold well for me and that’s erotica set during the Regency period. Most of my bestsellers have been in that genre. An added bonus is I love writing it too.

I also knew series sell well for me so I’ve opted to make this first venture book one of Regency Rakes and Rogues. I added a first chapter to my re-released The Pleasure Room to not only offer a bonus to readers, but hopefully get them invested in the story so they buy Pleasured by a Lord.

It’s a short novella which I was able to write while working on my Kalispell Shifter story. The reason I went with a shorter work, less time and less investment should it be a flop.

Editing and Proofreading

My next step was the editing and proofreading and I didn’t have to look far because Kerry, who’s edited lots of my books at Evernight Publishing, has her own editing service. She’s a great editor, I like her editing style, and we also work well together. I trust her to make my books shine.

So if you’re in the market for some editing work, here’s the link to Kerry’s Web site-


I’ve heard of self-publishers paying lots of money for their covers but for me that’s risky so I’ve been using designers at Fiverr for my books. This time I went with a new designer and I hope you’ll agree she did a fantastic job.

I purchased my own stock cover from If like me you know you’ll be publishing lots of books, it’s a better deal to opt for the yearly membership.


I’ve slowly got the hang of formatting my books but if you get stuck, head over to YouTube because there are lots of easy to follow tutorials there.

So here’s the cover and I’m hoping to release this book on Wednesday September 9th.


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